Our Story

Dymond Designs Beauty Studio started in 2008 by Marlene Brooks in Downtown Detroit when there was not a lot of businesses in the Downtown area, the economy was in a bad state, and the the Auto Industry was trying to get bail outs for their companies . With the use of savings (no loans) and a $10,000 business credit card for build out and salon equipment/furniture. That began the state of this beauty empire.

We are a full service salon that offers coloring, cuts,up-do’s, weaving, facials, lashes, lash extensions, manicuring, pedicures, barbering, make-up, hair products, retail, massage therapist, hair extensions store and VIP Memberships.

One of the major decisions we made for our business was to add the hair extensions store and to give up running a convenience store that was located in the same building and just focus on the Beauty Industry. I took on a partner Raymond Weatherspoon and we did an expansion and relocated our salon from a 1000 square feet location to almost 4000 square feet inside Harbortown in downtown Detroit which allowed us to hire up to 10 more professionals and a to retail higher , and allow us a full extensions store located inside the Salon as well as our online store.

Dymond Designs is a salon that offers a full range of beauty services in the community and in the surrounding suburbs. We provide our customers with a relaxing therapeutic experience as well as striving to satisfy our customers with healthy hair, skin, nail care, stress and medical relief massages, organic products and prompt services. Dymond Designs is looking to become a Global Franchise offering beauty services as well as beauty schools nationwide. And now we are expanding our business and starting Dymond Designs Beauty School. Our vision is to educate our students with glamorous trends , cutting edge training ,technologies and real-world skills. Fostering an atmosphere of respect and trust to ensure that students perfect their craft and express their individualism and creativity. With three levels by subject matter experts-CORE- ADAPTIVE, and CREATIVE it will allow our student to become certified professionals in the Beauty Industry.